new year, new me. For real this time

A lot has happened since I’ve last been here. My personal life has changed a lot and that may or may not be in a good way. I’m now in my finale year of school and I’m also trying to become myself.

My year 2017 has really started on the 13th of february, which actually was a monday and I mean, monday the 13th, could it get any worse? I don’t know what it was, but I suddenly felt like I had to change something. Now I’m trying to find myself (cheesy, I know) while living 2017 as the best year of my life. I will be graduating at the end of june, so my life is going to start then. I’ll try to write this blog more regularly, because I really enjoy writing and I like having my experiences all together on one website.

Stay with me if you will and feel free to leave comments on anything you like. I would be happy to read from you guys. 



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