Last summer I spent one month doing a roadtrip through Canada. We started (my sister, a friend and I) in Calgary, Alberta. Next stop was Banff in the Rockies and then we drove on the “sea to sky highway” but the other way around, from sky to sea. We stopped in Whistler, took the ferry to Vancouver Island and drove all the way to the other end to Tofino. I have to say, Tofino stole my heart. It’s this beautiful surfer city with cute little shops and a rainforest that goes right to the beach. If you ever get the chance to see it, do it. It’s worth every minute. We also stayed in Vancouver and then went back to Fernie, which is in the Rockies. I love Fernie, because I’ve been there multiple times and it isn’t comparable to any city in Germany (at least what I’ve seen). We flew back to Germany from Calgary to Frankfurt and I’m really excited to be going back this year. I love Canada and especially Calgary with all my heart, because I’ve been there three times already and I’ve lived there for 3 months in 2014. It kind of feels like MY city when I remember me strolling around the skyscrapers, taking the train to work, feeling like I’ve lived there my whole life.

I’m going to tell you soon about my plans for this summer, don’t you even worry.


P.s. What are your favourite places? I’d love to know!

Hiking in Fernie
On the ferry to Vancouver Island
Tofino, most beautiful place on Vancouver Island
Lake Louise at 7am
Lunching at Moraine Lake


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