skincare favourites

My favourite skincare products are definetely these beautys. Some are used on a daily basis, some only when in need of a special treatment.

This the Cosmetic Lad facial cream by Lush. I’ve been using this almost everyday since I’ve got it last year and there is still so much product left. I say almost everyday, because when I walk to school I don’t really like using it as it makes me sweat when I enter the school building. I don’t know what it is, but I think you have to let that one really sink in into your skin, as it is really liquid. But I love it anyway!

This is my life saver! It his Kaufmanns Haut- und Kindercreme (skin and baby cream), a product I can not live without anymore. I always use it as a lipbalm, but its good for everything. It is really basic and smooth, as it is made especially for babys, and really easy to fit into your pocket or handbag. I don’t know if it is available outside of Germany, but if you can get hold if it, do!

Another facial cream by Lush, but this one is called Magical Moringa. I got this as a free sample with my other cream, as it was almost gone. I put this on once in a while before going to bed and it makes my skin go increadibly soft! It has more of a thick buttery texture, which makes it a little harder to apply, but once it is on it starts to melt into your face. My skin feels amazing after I’ve put this on and I think I will rebuy this cream instead of my other Lush one. Absolutely loving it!

If I feel like pampering myself, I will put on one of these before bed. A rose milk, an oil and an almond face cream, all by Weleda. The other one is a another body milk by Dr. Hauschka. These are all perfect for my dry skin! I wouldn’t use them everyday, just because I don’t like overcaring my skin. But once in a while they work perfectly good for me!

Hope you enjoyed this little wanna-be beauty post. At least I tried :). But as you might have noticed, I (almost) only use natural skincare. I just feel like it’s better for your skin to be putting on natural ingrediants. Let me know what your favourite brands are when it comes to skincare!

M. x


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